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Keynote speaking, Australia

Quotes About Tom

"Tom is knowledgeable and articulate and I always came to him when I want informed comment" Cath Urquhart, The Times Travel Editor (1997-2007)

"Tom Griffiths' book is useful and valuable, and quite possibly indispensable."
Michael Palin, Monty Python, Author and TV personality

"His energy and enthusiasm is infectious"
Sir Richard Branson, Chairman, The Virgin Group

"Tom clearly knows his stuff when it comes to the web. He speaks with clarity, authority and passion on a subject that is affecting all our lives".
Paul Richer, Genesys, The Travel Technology Consultancy

"If your conference is about reinforcing the status quo, don't invite Tom! If however, you want a view that challenges perceptions, then have him as your keynote speaker"
Jeffrey Defries, CEO, CRAC