"Tom develops, challenges, nurtures and protects brave start-ups and passes on confidence, inspiration and direction. He is constantly looking out for people like me and his support, and even demanding questions, have driven me and the Tribewanted project forward" Ben Keene Founder, Tribewanted

The Acorn Incubator

Set up by entrepreneur and founder of gapyear.com, Tom Griffiths, the Acorn Incubator exists to enable entrepreneurs to get their business idea off the ground and through its first tough years. The model is based on supporting and magnifying the entrepreneur's passion, grit and determination, belief and hard graft based on Tom's, and the Acorn Network's, personal experiences. We'll give you a safer environment to learn from your mistakes, help you deal with the lows and to celebrate the highs. And when the roller coaster journey is out of control, we'll provide experienced heads to calm things down. What the advice sites don't tell you is that the life of an entrepreneur is often a lonely existence and a scary journey, especially when your finances are on the line. Add a house, spouse and children to the mix and the pressure is 'full on'. We've been there. We know.

"When we started, Google and Facebook weren't invented. The global Gap Year market didn't exist. There were no rules and nothing to follow. We had a vision and we had to figure it out the hard way. We had no money, a ton of disbelievers and most days we fell exhausted into bed knowing that the next day the fight would go on. At this point most give up. But we had genuine passion for the subject and belief that it would work. Peter and I stuck at it, something I will always be proud of us for doing. Supporting you at this level of determination and creativity is what the Acorn Incubator is all about. Believe in yourself. Fight hard. Don't ever give up.."Tom Griffiths, Founder, Acorn Incubator"